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How our microbes make us who we are

I find human boundaries hard to define.  Some clearly see them. When it comes to your body you may think of it as where your clothes cover you but I don’t.   Here is a video that may change your … Continue reading

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Veggies Plus +

Can anything be better for your health than veggies?  Yes, veggies that are full of bacteria! Don’t think that people in biblical times ate poorly because they did not have refrigeration,  they didn’t need it, they pickled their vegetables (without … Continue reading

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Do You Want To Preserve Yourself?

I WANT TO CHANGE YOUR PARADIGM AS IT RELATES TO GERMS.  So, I asked “Do You Want To Preserve Yourself?” Let me rephrase the question.  Which state do you imagine is healthier,  being nearly bacteria free or having nearly 10 … Continue reading

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