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Keeping Your Family Healthy! Avoid GMO “Food”!

Gmo (genetically modified foods) are plants and animals that have been “engineered”  by scientists and large corporations to LOOK like foods you know (to deceive you)  but meet their needs of making more profits for their huge corporations.  In other … Continue reading

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Monsanto May Be The Cause Of Your Health Issues!

Monsanto’s “Round Up” pesticide is now linked to damaging the energy factories in your cells, known as mitochondria.  This implicates  “Round Up,”  which is sprayed on most of the  “conventional” food you buy, as causing disease such as Cancer,     … Continue reading

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A Free Healthy Recipe Book

Over the last 10 years I have been given great recipes by amazingly healthy people who are excited about good tasting food that is good for you.  Here is a collection of 40 recipes that will help you on your way … Continue reading

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Dupont Teflon Coated (non-stick) Pans – Stick It To You!

As dangerous as the mercury in your “silver” fillings,  Dupont’s Non-Stick pans produce toxins that are now linked to cancer. PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) used in Teflon Coated pans is now the subject of about 3,500 personal injury claims against DuPont, including … Continue reading

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If You Or Your Family Eat Food You Must Watch This!

If you don’t know what is killing your family and causing cancer, you as a parent can say you were just ignorant as they bury your child and so you can try to avoid blame.  But, were you ignorant or … Continue reading

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Chemical in BPA-Free Products Linked to Irregular Heartbeats

New ingredient in plastic bottles, receipts has same effect on lab animals as the old chemical does. Water bottles that are free of the controversial chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) hang on display at an outdoor supply store in Arcadia, California. Many … Continue reading

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U.S. Foods Full of Banned Ingredients!

I shudder when some of my patients tell me that the FDA is our safeguard to safe and healthy food.  This ignorance is sadly unjustified.  For many years healthy people were supermarket perimeter shoppers who did not buy the processed … Continue reading

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