confusing medical plansHave medical insurance or a vision plan? Confused? We can help!

Insurance can be confusing, some procedures are covered under major medical and others under a vision care. We take care of your insurance needs and fully explain what is covered and what is not. We work with many insurance plans, if your plan is not listed below, please call us to see if we can participate with your plan. Our list is constantly changing.

Some of the insurance plans we can help you with:

    • Major Medical: Aetna,  Anthem,  BCBS,  Cigna,  Medicare,  Mulitplan,  MVP,  Oxford,  Pomco
    • Vision Care:   VSP,  EyeMed (better plans), Superior Vision,  Local 21
    • What is the difference between Vision Care and Major Medical?
      • Vision Care:  covers routine testing and almost always eyeglass and contact lens visits
      • Major Medical: covers visits for medical symptoms some of which are listed below.  Many patients see us for these symptoms and as part of that visit may be examined for glasses and contact lenses too.
        • Allergies (itch teary eyes)
        • Red Eyes,  “pink eye”
        • Double vision
        • Seeing spots or flashes
        • Migraines
        • Glare at night (especially if you are over 40 in age)
        • Lazy eye (eye turns)
        • cataracts
        • Glaucoma
        • Eye injuries
        • “dry” eyes
        • Discharge from eyes (watery, pussy)
        • Diabetes!
        • Some major medical policies may provide routine care…you must check with your company before coming as your card does NOT tell us!  
        • Exclusions:   Refraction to determine your eyeglass prescription (or contacts) is frequently not covered.

and others……..  Need to know if we take your insurance?  Call us 845-279-6179 !

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