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Ayurvedic Medicine And Your Beautiful Eyes

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Soothing Cooling Tired Eyes:   Mildly soak sterile cotton swabs in rosewater and place it over your eyes for a soothing, cooling and relaxing effect.


Dark Circles Under Eyes:  Banish those dark circles by smearing rosewater under the eyes, morning and night.


How To Buy Eye Wear!  ….bebe

  • EYEWEAR CHOICES: First decide what you are looking for.   TV makes it seem like you must go to “Lens Crunchers” to get a big selection of choices but the truth is modern local private docs usually have far better choices to offer!  Why?  We, like the thousands of other private eye doctors in NY State are NOT constrained to a brand supplied by a franchise that owns us!  In fact in our office we have more frames than almost any mall store you will find……... read more here……….


Super Eyes….. rebuilding your nervous system!

When doctor Ross was first starting practice he told me that he was envious of people 6318496354_24d3faa524_zwith super eyes,  like President John F. Kennedy, who could read at over a thousand words per minute! To compensate Dr Ross took a course called Evelyn Woods Speed Reading.  He did in fact learn to read lots faster….. but hated it! It took the fun out of reading.

There are many adults and children who read poorly or totally avoid it. They do not know that THEIR issues is what is called Convergence Insufficiency (C.I.).  Amazingly enough this C.I.  is a “device” built into your brain that can be altered (non-invasively) with computer bio-feedback.  If you have C.I. most eye doctors do not test for it or treat it but we specialize in doing so.  How would you like to go from a poor reader to Super Eyes? The treatment is called Computer Orthoptics! read more here………


Dry Scratchy Eyes! There is help.

Many people today are annoyed by or even suffering from “dry eyes”  and notDryEyeaware of what this is and how they can remedy it! Worse yet is that it may be a sign of  general health issues that you should not be ignoring.  If you have any of the symptoms in the title of this article,  then you may be a patient with dry eyes!  It affects people most frequently  between the ages of 40 and up but even younger nowadays due to poor diet and medication usage…. learn more here….