Our Holistic Care is about two themes,  Preventive Care  and  Treatment 

prevention-and-wellness-practices-article-4412WHY PREVENTION?  All eye doctors treat disease (as we do) but very few offer prevention that really makes a difference.  Holistic Vision Care is all about prevention, because when it comes to your eyes,  many vision losses are not reversible but,  they are often preventable.  Dr Ross and his associates have pioneered this concept and the concept of diagnosing much of your general health through your eyes.   That is what Holistic means! Dr Ross is the founder of the concept of  “Holistic Vision Care.”   Dr Ross learned over 30 ago that many diseases were preventable and to some extent reversible at a NYC lecture on nutrition and exercise.  He began applying constant research and clinical work that lead to amazing success in vision loss prevention and the prevention of serious general health issues diagnosed through the eyes.  Over 30 years later,  the Obama Plan is finally recognizing that this approach, prevention is needed to save our economy and our patients lives!

TREATMENT:  Treatment  has self evident value,  just in its name.  My goal here is to help you find how to treat yourself as much as possible.  My treatment process is to educate you and to provide nutraceuticals as well as pharmaceuticals when needed.


  • Macular Degeneration: In 1982  Dr Ross began teaching patients how to modify their diet and lifestyle to reverse and slow the progression of macular degeneration.
  • Cataracts:  In 1984  After spending hours with NASA space administration doctors  in NYC who shared their concepts for preventing cataracts caused by radiation in space,  Dr Ross introduced many of the same concepts which work even better on Earth.
  • Glaucoma: In 1994 Dr Ross, established dietary and lifestyle changes that have just recently been reported, in medical literature, to prevent and slow down vision loss from Glaucoma.

softwareIn 2005,  Dr Ross  wrote the software to create Digital Retina Imaging.   The software has been developed and enhanced over nearly 10 years.  It helps diagnose glaucoma, identify macular degeneration and other diseases years before traditional methods. In addition it helps diagnose systemic disease and saves lives by predicting risk for diabetes, strokes and heart attacks.


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