Keratograph 5m – Technology to diagnose dry eyes

imageHolistic Vision Care has invested in the future of dry eye treatment and contact lens fitting. We are so fortunate to be able to offer our patients state of the art technology to address our patients needs for better visual clarity and comfort. Dry eyes can be hard to diagnose as the signs and symptoms are often very subtle UNTIL they become very bothersome and sometimes even sight threatening. Dry eyes can also be a sign of an underlying auto-immune disease. In addition to the Keratograph 5m we have a variety of different tests to determine specifically the type of dry eye disease such as measuring tear volume and checking the eye with special colored dyes. Depending on the test results we can create a custom treatment plan. We prefer to start with a holistic and natural approach but if that is not producing the desired results we can offer other treatments like prescription eye drops, punctual plugs, and expression of Meibomian glands. It is always best to catch dry eye disease in the early stages when it is easily managed and we now have a very specific way of screening and diagnosing with the Keratograph 5m. Please click on below for more information!


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