Super Eyes….. rebuilding your nervous system!

What if you or your child could read hugely better by  just doing 10 minutes a day of exercise from the comfort of your home?   Well it is possible!

When doctor Ross was first starting practice, he told me that he was envious of people 6318496354_24d3faa524_zwith super eyes. People like President John F. Kennedy, who could read at over a thousand words per minute! To compensate, Dr Ross took a course called Evelyn Woods Speed Reading.  He did in fact learn to read lots faster….. but hated it! It took the fun out of reading.

There are many adults and children who read poorly or totally avoid reading. They do not know that THEIR issue is what is called Convergence Insufficiency (C.I.).  Amazingly enough this C.I.  is a “device” built into your brain that can be altered (non-invasively) with computer bio-feedback.  If you have C.I., most eye doctors do not test for it or treat it; but, we specialize in doing so.  How would you like to go from a poor reader to Super Eyes? The treatment is called Computer Orthoptics!

Orthoptics (making eyes work together more effectively) was invented by a French medical eye doctor many years ago.  He lived in the 19th century and his name was  Louis Emile Javal. Nearly 200 years ago!  In the beginning, it was like getting orthodontics for your teeth.  It required many visits and was very expensive, often over $10,000 dollars for a complete 6 month program.  Over the years better and better technology came about, but the cost went up not down because it required in office therapy.  Today however, computer orthoptics can be done from home!  It can be done on your home computer with just 10 minutes a day.  We monitor you over the internet and have to see you for only a few visits. The results are better than ever and the cost is a fraction of what it was!

Are you a slow reader who avoids reading and prefers to learn by listening?  Do you have a child who is poor at reading but fairly good at listening for learning?  Many pediatricians read-1342499_640(even 200 years later) are uninformed about the benefits of  Orthoptics,  even though it was invented by a medical doctor and proven for over a hundred years!  They often misdiagnose a child with ADD, ADHD,  Dyslexia etc as the only cause of their problem,  yet they may have C.I. as part of the problem or even all of the problem!  Look at what columnist “Dear Abby” had to say about Orthoptics years ago.

Think you might have an issue?  Even  if you have had an eye exam on several occasions, did your doctor specialize in diagnosing and treating C.I.?  If not, come see us for your next eye exam or any doctor in your area that offers Vision Training / Computer Orthoptics!  Here is more information from Home Therapy System’s web site.

by Dr Anuja Joshi and Dr Joseph Ross




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