How To Buy EyeWear!


  • EYEWEAR CHOICES:  First, decide what you are looking for.   TV makes it seem like you must go to “Lens Crunchers” to get a big selection of choices, but the truth is, modern local private docs usually have far better choices to offer!  Why?  We, like the thousands of private eye doctors in NY State,  are NOT constrained to a brand supplied by a franchise that owns us!  In fact, in our office, Holistic Vision Care,  we have more frames than almost any mall store you will find.
  • MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT:  You can get dizzy trying to choose so we give you more of what you want and less choices. We do that by having professional frame stylists  help you choose!  We are people who know optics and not kids off the street who work minimum wage and think they know what’s cool.
  • ARE YOU PURCHASING  THE “SAME” ITEM?:  The illusion is that there are 3 confusionchoices.  Malls, On-line and Private Doctors Boutiques. Lets look at them!
    1. Malls:  They pay high rent, so do you!  On average, one pair of progressive lenses in a fashion frame cost $400.00 to $500.00 MORE at  “Lens Crunchers” than at our office. That’s for the SAME exact frame and brand name lens!
    2. On-Line: Yes you may be able to buy the same frame CHEAP!  However eyeglasses are MADE from a frame, and lenses (all different quality and brands), and require the skills of someone who is measuring you with the frame on your face both at selection time and on dispensing.  Sure it looks cheap, but there are no services included!  You are not comparing apples to apples.  Buy the frame and bring it here?  If you really want to, we will try to help you.   Here are our fees but,  90% of those (very few do this anyway) who did so had a frame that we could not even make fit right!  It did not fit on the nose, or behind the ears or the size was wrong. Complete glasses brought to us for fitting were worse.  On almost all multifocal prescriptions, the optics were almost  never right and the  buyers were stuck with issues and wasted time
    3. Our-Office:  We not only help you pick the right style for your fashion look, but we make sure they will fit.  When we make them we have taken all the measurements and not tried to impress you with some computerized toy that supposedly does it all without a licensed optician. When they are completed and we fit them,  you will know the difference and aren’t your eyes worth it?  You may buy clothing off the rack but not glasses!

What if my eyewear is not made correctly?  Here is  a quick story to illustrate the question.  40 Years ago, when Dr Ross started his first office in the Bronx, a Latino patient came in for a routine exam.  Her history included a story of severe recurring migraines. She had gone through invasive dangerous medical tests to rule out brain tumors and more and suffered for over a year with chronic misery!  In the eye exam, Dr Ross discovered that the chain store who made her last glasses had switched left and right lenses.  This was the cause of her Migraines!  She could have died or suffered crippling injuries from the side effects of dangerous tests she did not need, all because of her poorly made glasses.  Hopefully this is an infrequent event, however, a poorly made pair of glasses (even just low quality lenses) can cause all sort of minor symptoms. Symptoms that can certainly make your life less fun!  This cause can also be very hard to pin down!  Why take the risk?


…… by Dr Anuja Joshi and Dr Joseph Ross


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Author, doctors, inventor of holistic eye care, programmer, community activist, network organizer, public speaker, salesman, Marketing specialist, Musician, ...lives outside the box.
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