New Leadership – A Great New Doctor, Dr Joshi

New Exciting Expanded Care And Leadership Comes To Holistic Vision Care!…………….. and Dr Ross’ soon to come retirement!

For over forty years, I have been privileged to provide excellent eyecare in our community. I have been blessed with the opportunity of creating “Holistic Vision Care” and helping many of you avoid serious health problems that were diagnosable through your eye exam. retirement.exitThe experience has been most special as it feels every one of you are like family or friends. What an ideal way to practice. It has certainly enriched my life.

Now, I am looking forward to beginning a new chapter in my life. I am proud to announce that a most caring and professional woman, Dr. Anuja Joshi, has accepted the role of caring for you and your family as I have. Aside from being caring and professional, Dr. Joshi is idealistic, warm and has a contagious smile. She is more than prepared to provide you with incredible care. I am very excited for you to meet her. Dr Joshi brings a new level of care to you that I cannot offer, her interest in Ayurvedic Medicine. For years I have interviewed and even invited doctors to work with me, who might just offer you what I have done. Now, I have outdone my expectations by finding someone who will do far more than I had hoped for!

I am honored to introduce you to Dr. Joshi in her own words:

“It is my sincerest pleasure to introduce myself. I am Dr. Anuja Joshi and it will be my honor to continue the highest standard of practice as set by Dr. Joseph Ross at Holistic Vision Care. Dr. Ross and I have many shared beliefs, the most important of which is to provide our patients with exceptional care.

I am a Canadian who has lived and studied in many countries around the world – Africa, Asia and Europe. I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology at McGill University in Montreal; a Masters degree at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London and received a scholarship to attain my doctorate degree at the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago. I have worked in a LASIK practice, private practice optometry and private practice ophthalmology over the last 15 years. Along with clinical practicHolistic Vision Care - Dr Ross & Associates's photo.e, I participated in clinical research as well. My Dry Eye research allowed me to present a poster at an international symposium in Kamakura Japan. Additionally, I was part of a recently published paper that was studying devices that measure pressure for glaucoma. That being said, it has been a goal of mine to be able to pursue optometry in a private practice setting in order to promote the most up to date and highest standard of vision wellness. Everyday patient interaction is what brings a smile to my face.

In my experience, the world is actually very small and we all seem to have a lot in common. I anticipate that in trusting me with your care, we will also find a mutual interest. I look forward to meeting you all and extending myself into the Holistic Vision Care Family. I would like to thank Dr. Ross and Evelyn Ross in providing me the opportunity to achieve a goal and to carry forward Dr. Ross’ vision. See you soon!”

Dr. Joshi and I will work together for some time and then I shall leave you in her very capable hands.

I thank you for the trust you’ve placed in me and allowing me to provide care for you and your family. I know that you will enjoy seeing Dr. Joshi and having her continue the excellent care you’ve come to expect at Holistic Vision Care.

Thank you,

Dr. Joseph A. Ross

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