Pawling Public Radio – creates “Janr Ssor” sci-fi story hour, dramatizing Dr Ross’ writings

ppr - Don’t Miss WPWL’s Summerfest 2015! _ Pawling Public Radio

If you live in Putnam NY, Dutchess NY, or Fairfield Ct, don’t miss this great day of entertainment, food and fun in beautiful Pawling NY.   Join us,  have a great time and support local radio programming!

janrs-books-burning1This coming season, PPR will be dramatizing Dr Ross’ sci-fi  sci-fantasy publications, THE ADVENTURES OF JANR SSOR.  The stories will be read by the author Janr Ssor (pen name for Dr Joseph Ross) and dramatized with the skills of  Bill Bonecutter (a television producer and accomplished musician)  and Mike Burgerquist (PPR’s superb engineer)!

Don’t Miss WPWL’s Summerfest 2015!
June 20, 2015
Pawling Public Radio presents the 4th Annual Summerfest, July 18th from 2 pm to 8 pm at Lakeside Park in Pawling. This year’s concert will feature artists from Pawling Public Radio’s independent music show, The Indie Hour with Delia Stanley. The Indie Hour explores independent musicians who promote community over competition, and many of them will be taking the stage during this year’s Summerfest event.

Performers include Bitterheart, currently working on their second studio album produced by Simone Felice of the Felice Brothers, Gerard Smith who has been featured on Radio Woodstock and Alive with Clive, and The Devyl Nellys, featuring lead singer/songwriter Nelly Levon who has written for artists on the Interscope and Mercury labels. A total of ten bands have signed on to perform at Summerfest, and all have been guests on Delia’s show in the past year.


Delia Stanley, the producer of this year’s event, is a multimedia artist and musician living in Hudson Valley, New York. As a singer/songwriter, Delia plays many Putnam and Westchester venues both solo and with other local musicians. Her show on WPWL can be heard live every Saturday between noon and 1 p.m. and re-broadcast on Thursday between 9 and 10pm.   She is also curator of Music Mondays on Facebook; both shows are committed to providing a voice for original independent artists. Delia is also a visual artist, experimenting in a variety of mediums.

Summerfest is a family friendly event that will include plenty of food, fun and great music from the best indie bands in the area, PPR invites you to bring your lawn chairs and blankets to Lakeside Park and enjoy a full day of entertainment provided by some of the best musical talent in the Hudson Valley. Tickets are $25.00 for adults and children twelve and under may attend for free!  Tickets are available both online and at the park on the day of the event.  Funds will support Pawling Public Radio’s expansion as they complete their FCC licensing requirements this summer.

ticketsFor tickets please visit:


About Janr Ssor

Author, doctors, inventor of holistic eye care, programmer, community activist, network organizer, public speaker, salesman, Marketing specialist, Musician, ...lives outside the box.
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