Hidden Causes Of Obesity!

Recent research shows why many Americans are fat or obese and cannot seem to lose weight! 

It is hidden ingredients in your processed foods from the supermarket or those you buy at fast food restaurants!

If you live like most Americans, between work and children, it seems like there is little time to shop and prepare great food from scratch. Perhaps you read the labels because you are savvy; but did you know that ingredients of less than 1 gram in a  serving don’t have to be displayed?  These hidden ingredients, even in small amounts, over several years can make you and your children very sick and obese!

Recent studies show that high fructose corn syrup and trans-fats (added to most processed foods) will not only make you obese but will cause “fatty liver disease”  that is creating an epidemic of people needing liver transplants!

We see this every day in our office when we take retina photos of both CHILDREN and ADULTS!   Two months ago I saw a fit looking athletic 15 year old boy who was well on his way to a future stroke or heart attack. It is almost certain this is because of his diet! How do we know?  DRI!

Digital Retina Imaging (DRI), which Dr Ross has pioneered as a tool of early disease detection, clearly shows who is at risk

for future strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and obesity! Changes in your eyes small blood vessels (about the thickness of a hair) are an early warning.

It is time to change your lifestyle enough to make food like your parents did, cook them! Yes I know times is short but you can make time if you make it fun.  It can be a fun experience.  Take some time on a weekend to shop and cook with your children’s help. Prepare large quantities of your favorite recipes and freeze them. Add a cheap freezer to your basement or garage and store your own “prepared” food there.  Now you know what is in your food!

My wife and I have done this for years.  Not only do you get great food but you save a lot of money that you wasted on junk food which was killing you slowly! My daughter lovedcooking and shopping with me. It is Quality Time!  Use some our recipes (on HolisticVisionCare.com) to make low carb chocolate or avocado chocolate mousse,  they will love it!

What do the DRI retina images show?  On your next visit live a little and treat yourself to an inexpensive DRI screening. Read Dr Ross’ free e-booklet below and learn what thousands of other have about how to stay healthy!

Here a simple layman’s article anyone can read summarizing 9 years of  my clinical research in one free pamphlet!  (It is under my pen name, Janr Ssor and free for you! Thousands of copies have been downloaded world wide, get yours now.)

Want to help your children and get them off  some ADD and ADHD drugs if possible?  CUT THE CARBS AND GET SERIOUS ABOUT IT!  In addition get them a bottle of Nordic Naturals Pro-Omega D fish oil (not Krill) and give them 1 tablespoon daily. It is 400 times better than any other fish oil and it will help, IF you throw the junk (all of it) out of your house.  Do it for them and do it for yourself, I

have seen enough strokes and sent enough Condolence Cards!

If You think this country doctor (me)  doesn’t know enough for you to believe,  than read a “big shot” like Dr Perlmutter, MD’s book, “Grain Brain.”  Maybe that will make you a believer.
Oh yes, if your pediatrician says this is all nice but it won’t work. Find a new pediatrician.
Dr Ross


About Janr Ssor

Author, doctors, inventor of holistic eye care, programmer, community activist, network organizer, public speaker, salesman, Marketing specialist, Musician, ...lives outside the box.
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