Complementary Treatment of Iritis (Uveitis)

NOTE:  This information is not offered as a substitute for professional care but only with evaluation by your eye doctor and their recommendation.  Following any or all of these recommendations do not constitute a relationship with its author.  If you choose to follow these recommendations, you agree to hold the author free of any liability for issues you believe they may cause. Should you disagree with these statements you are requested not to follow any of the recommendations. If you do follow these recommendations that choice is wholly your responsibility and by your action you signify that you agree to this hold harmless request of the author.

Complementary Treatment of  Iritis (Uveitis)

  1. Nac  600 – 1200mg  x per day
  2. SeraGold (Serratiopeptidase), 2/ day
  3. Omega 3 oils,  1 tbs / day (a super concentrate)
  4. Vit C,  2,000 – 4,000 mg daily
  5. MSM,  1,000mg  2 x day
  6. Super-bio Curcumin (Life Extension Brand) 2/ day

Each product works as an anti-inflammatory with mild natural powers as they are natural supplements.  Taken together, all six,  will have a powerful and beneficial effect with none of the dangerous side-effects of medicines.

Each blue link, is a link to where to purchase the products, on-line, at some of the best prices I could find. The brands I have chosen are known for their quality and value.

To begin this program, take item # 1 for 3-4 days to be sure it agrees with your constitution or individual sensitivities.  All of these products are Well Tolerated!   Then add item #2 again for 3-4 days.  Do the same until you are taking all of them as indicated, each day with food. Take the supplements ideally with breakfast and lunch, if the item is taken more than once daily.

This is a complementary treatment, meaning it is used With Pharmaceutical treatment and not in replacement of this.  However,  once the attack is resolved,  staying on this treatment usually reduces the incidence and severity of future attacks.  In addition, this may reduce symptoms of underlying causes such as arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis.



  1. Stop all artificial “foods”  eat 80% raw food and allow no chemicals in your diet (additives, preservatives, artificial coloring, etc.
  2. Low carb diet like our ancestors, as carbs are inflammatory.
  3. Take a good quality pro-biotic or better yet eat live fermented foods such as Bubbie’s Pickles, Bubbies Sauerkraut.  Or ferment your own (its easy and safe)
  4. Lose weight if needed
  5. Walk at least 1 mile 2 x daily
  6. No sugar or artificial sweeteners in your diet, other than Stevia.
  7. Read the free NewsLetter from Dr Joseph Mercola




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