How To Self Treat “Dry Eyes”

What is a dry eye?   It is an eye that does not secrete enough oils in its tears.  As a result dry itchy red eyeit “tears” off an on to re-wet its surface as the oils are not there to keep it moist.  So paradoxically enough a “dry eye”  tends to tear a lot.  It also may have symptoms of burning or itchiness.


How to self treat a dry eye – first get a diagnosis, don’t guess.  

  • Take omega 3 oils daily,  the BEST is Pro-Omega D from Nordic Naturals,   Get that and take 1 – 2 teaspoons daily (yes it is not cheap but it works! (and forget drug store junk that may be from China)
  • Artificial tears such as Systane Balance, use as needed for discomfort or blur (max 3x daily as preservatives may irritate eyes).  This is a allopathic drug.
  • Homeopathics:  Similasan Dry Eye formula (this and/or the artificial tears).  You can use this as often as needed as it is Totally Safe because it is not allopathic.
  • Alternative Therapy:  apply a hot moist towel for 10 minutes 2x daily and massage the upper and lower lids for 30 seconds upon removal:  Softens oils in glands and helps them stay flowing.  Very Valuable and often this and the omega 3 oils are enough to solve the problem.
  • NOTE:   This condition is more common at ages over 40 and aggravated by poor diets mostly by too many carbohydrates (rice, pasta, pizza, candy, soda, ….. you know, junk!)

Dr Joe Ross



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