“Fake Food”, Pain And Cataracts

A pretty petite forty year old mom with eye catching curly brown hair sat in my chair and smiled as she told me how a change in diet had made her look 15 years curly-hairstyle-for-older-womenyounger (in my opinion).

Her smile grew bigger as she told me how she was now OFF several medications that were killing her.

Her years of Acid Reflux and the dangerous meds for it were over! Totally ended by a change in diet!

Her irritable bowel syndrome was gone with the same magic wand!  She had incidentally dropped about 30 lbs in the process and felt like the new youthful person she looked like.  There was no need to tell her how her diet change was also reducing her risk of  Vision Loss from cataracts,  macular degeneration, diabetes, strokes, heart disease, arthritic pain (especially lower back) and more.  Recapturing her youth and being able to stop the medications that eventually cause more damage than the pain they relieve was enough!

What was her secret?  Her medical doctor did not know until she told him.  It was a friend that convinced her to go on a Gluten Free low carb diet just based on common sense, reading and intuition, something many medical doctors appear to be  “blind Med deal with devilto.” After all God forbid they recommend a natural approach, they might get sued by the litigious greedy people who have earned us warnings on plastic bags that say “Not to be used for play or by children under 12 years of age.” All medications have side effects! Don’t think otherwise.

A low carb diet (frequently gluten free)  is how we treat most of the eye conditions that are inflammatory!  And, today we are learning that most disease begins with inflammation (not just eye disease).  When we diagnose Hardening Of The Arteries in our patients,  via digital retina imaging, we always recommend a low carb diet. For many this includes trying a gluten free diet too.  For others eliminating dairy is also very needed.  I recommend many of my patients to Dr Michael Gazsi in Danbury, Ct, who is a brilliant Naturopathic physician,  to sort this out as it is out of my field.

In any case, if you are taking lots of meds, feeling old achy or losing your vision to cataracts,  get smart and do as my patient from Dutchess county has done.  Read a great health newsletter from Dr Joseph Mercola for free and start learning how to get your health and youth back before it is too late!

So what is “FAKE FOOD?”   For many it is more than just foods that have been modified to be high in starches, sugars and gluten.  For many of us it is anything that is not natural, gmo, processed, sprayed with pesticide and even dairy (which seems so benign).   Want a great guideline?  I recommend reading Michael Pollan’s book,  “In Defense Of Food.”  This is worth reading! 

FOOT NOTE:  I was just reminded by my office manager about a patient who put yesterday told us about her daughter who had Crohn’s Disease and colon cancer.  She went on a low carb gluten free diet that avoided chemicals, pesticide and processed foods too. It was tricky,  at first,  because she could not eat many raw vegetables due to her Crohn’s disease.  However, she is now free of Crohn’s disease and her Cancer Is 100% gone!



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Author, doctors, inventor of holistic eye care, programmer, community activist, network organizer, public speaker, salesman, Marketing specialist, Musician, ...lives outside the box.
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