Dr J’s Low Carb Dark Chocolate!

Dr Ross’ Emergency High Speed, Low Carb Chocolate Recipe: 

emergencychocolateThere are times when you just have a chocolate craving but don’t want to ruin your health with gobs of bad fats and sugar piled into a commercial chocolate bar!  Well here is how to make a great supply of chocolate with 10  minutes work and 20 minutes in the fridge.


  1. A bar of Bakers Dark Chocolate (sugar free, in all supermarket baking sections)
  2. 1 jar of Coconut Oil (Trader Joes)
  3. Pure Stevia Powder  (Trader Joes, lots of supermarkets, online)
  4. Almonds (Best buy at Trader Joes)
  5. Bourbon Vanilla Extract (Trader Joes)
  6. Coco Powder (sugar free, Trader Joes)

In a shallow Pyrex dish over low heat,  melt the squares of Baker’s Chocolate, when mostly melted add about 1/3 as much Coconut oil.  Stir now and then until well mixed.  Now toss in about 2  tablespoons of Coco Powder and mix well.  Next add 1/3 teaspoon of Stevia and  1 tablespoon of Vanilla Extract. Stir well and taste for sweetness. If not sweet enough add a little more steiva.  It is a very strong sweetener so ad little by little.  When it is sweet enough toss in as many almonds as you like.  Now put it in the Freezer for about 20 minutes and you will have Great Dark Chocolate with almonds.  Some people like to add a pinch of salt (I do not).  Keep it in the fridge or it melts.

white Dark ChocolateWant to make it into an amazing artful dessert for guests?   Follow the above recipe but do the following.    Put two big handfuls of raw cashews (Trader Joe’s) in a food processor. Add a heaping teaspoon of Coconut oil.  A tablespoon of Vanilla Extract and a quarter teaspoon of stevia powder.  Begin processing.  If the resultant cashew butter is a big lump rolling around in the processor, add a little coconut oil a bit at a time until it smooths out to a peanut butter like texture and is no longer clumped.  Taste it for sweetness. If not sweet enough add some stevia as above (everyone’s taste is different).  DO add a pinch of salt and blend a bit more.  Now spoon this OVER your cold chocolate and spread it with a small spatula until it forms a nice even coating about 1/4 the thickness of the chocolate bar.  Put it back in the fridge until nice and hard.

To serve: cut this with a very sharp knife into squares and keep in fridge.

Dr Ross




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