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Can anything be better for your health than veggies?  Yes, veggies that are full of bacteria! Don’t think that people in biblical times ate poorly because they did not have healthiest-fermented-veggiesrefrigeration,  they didn’t need it, they pickled their vegetables (without vinegar). The history of pickles stretches so far back into antiquity that no definite time has been established for their origin, but they are estimated to be over 4,000 years old.

Why pickled?  Because the Earth is full of bacteria that grows on veggies that also are essential to our survival.  The same bacteria on the veggies are found in our intestines and keep us healthy be helping us digest our food.  In fact there are NORMALLY more of these bacteria that pickle our food,  in our gut then cells in our body!  10 x more! However if you have taken antibiotics or eat processed foods that have preservatives in them (most due),  you have killed off a major part of your body’s need cells that keep you healthy, the gut bacteria you need!

My friend Dr Pavel Mihok, a holistic Veterinarian, introduced me to home pickling a few years ago at our Optimal Health Care meeting when he brought delicious home pickles to our meeting.  He told me how safe and simple it was to make them.  I was still nervous about making home pickled food so I did a lot of research on the Internet and found that you cannot go wrong if you put veggies in salt water.   The secret is that the salt kills the bad bacteria and the good ones prosper!  I bought a kit called the PickleMeister and started making home pickles and have never stopped.  I will bet they discovered this in biblical times by accident; after all you just need to leave some veggies in salt water for about 4- 7 days!

When you do this, buy organic for sure and just rinse them do NOT scrub them as you will kill off the beneficial bacteria.  In any case,  I never did well with homemade wine which is tricky but pickling veggies is a no brainer!  And speaking of your brain, pickled veggies eaten daily will give you LOTS more probiotics than pills or yogurt and keep you mentally alert and physically healthy.  One more thought.  I purchased a great bottle of pickled cucumbers at DeCicco’s  the other day (I wanted to see what someone else’s seasoning tasted like so I might copy it).  It cost over $10.00 for a jar of these pickles. Making it at home costs about $2.00 !

Dr Joseph Ross,  Holistic Vision Care.


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